Exhibition |Beginning

Exhibition Beginning

Exhibition and live painting to celebrate the New Year.

Solo Exhibition

Place : Omotesando Hills

4-12-10 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0001

Date : January 2 – 3, 2024

Live Painting

Ichi-Fuji, Ni-Taka, San-Nasubi(First Mt.Fuji, Second hawks, Third eggplants) Shi-Sen, Go-Tobacco, Roku-Zator(Fourth fans, Fifth cigarettes, Sixth Zatoh) In Japan, there are some auspicious motifsthat are good to be dreamed for “Hatsuyume (the first dream of the year) “. I expressed them all mixed up in this painting. I wish this brings you good luck and makes a good beginning of 2024 for you by enjoying my work.

Hiroshi Masuda “First Dream“ 2024 Acrylic on canvas wall 98.4 × 118.1 in (250 × 300 cm)


“MORIKUJI (OmaMORI + OmiKUJI) ” to celebrate the beginning of the year. I drew an illustration of “Red horned owl” which is used to be drawn as lucky symbols in Ukiyo-e in the Edo period. These works are stickers and can be lucky charms (Omamori) as well. There are also unique fortune slips (Omikuji) on the back. 

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